About Our Company

A company devoted to provide competitiviness and security to its clients

GRUPO RAS was established in 1991 with the main objective of providing high quality logistics solutions in order to increase our client´s competitiveness and guaranteeing their satisfaction through our International trade comprehensive professional services.


GRUPO RAS has become a multinational company specialized in the planning and management of logistics services, handling over USD 6 billion in client´s goods.

With over

 45 offices


10 countries

it has over 800 members working in

7 business divisions

Our own specialized companies have been key to this growth, as we have provided the ability to offer the most varied combinations that match the needs of each client. We provide logistics solutions for storage and regional and international distribution; transportation to and from all parts of the world by water, sky and earth; consultancy and advisory services marketing and foreign trade: all of which is under a centralized management, ensuring speed and total control of operations.


Our Business Units, which were gradually covering the whole of South America and Mexico, give us an international scope that gives our specialists a thorough knowledge of the market, key issue when providing support and security to those who benefit from our services.


As an organization of proven experience, we can say that throughout our history we have learned that to compete in the global market is necessary to design appropriate strategies and make timely decisions. This is how we do, providing added value in creating integrated from the synergy between our business units logistics solutions.