Regional and International Distribution

GRUPO RAS has been able to gather together under one centralized business administered unified product, taking full advantage of its existing offices in Latin America, its worldwide network of agents, and its ability to provide fully integrated international trade services to the major markets of the world from privileged locations such as Montevideo´s Free Port and Free Zone.


Montevideo´s Port is the main gateway to major South American Countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, etc.). It is located in Paraguay-Paraná-Río de la Plata waterway, with connections to the main highways, railway lines, air, maritime and river routes of the region. It is located on the coast of Río de la Plata, and at an equal distance from the main consumer markets in the region.


Acting in the dynamic environment provided by the Free Port Law and the Free Zone Law allows for a competitive advantage that favours, above all GRUPO RAS customers.

International Distribution

International Distribution of Goods consists of a group of services that allows the transportation and control of stock from Uruguay; providing logistics coordination, storage and stocktaking administration, as well as international transhipments.

Regional distribution of consolidated cargoes

Regional Distribution consists of all the related services that include intermodal transportation of consolidated cargoes from third countries within the region that arrive at Montevideo´s Port from overseas.
These particular services give GRUPO RAS a privileged position since they are directly managed and controlled throughout the logistic process from Distribution Centres at a domestic level, in the Free Zone and Montevideo´s Free Port.


The sum of beneficial legislation and business specialization makes GRUPO RAS the best answer to operate in South America optimizing logistics costs.