Project Cargo Management

ZPM Project Management is a Grupo RAS Company, which has been dedicated to port operations and international logistics for over 30 years, developing new working ways that established the current market standards in South American countries.


We are experts in port operations, road transport and logistics coordination in a wide array of markets (Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and


Our scope covers from port scouting to supervision and management of complete integrated logistic services, including road surveys, port operations,
sourcing of trucking companies, storage areas and handling equipment, stock control and component tracking from ex-works to erection site, a “one stop shopping” for the complete logistics, on line 24/7/365.


Our commitment is to the higher standards of performance, always seeking the most cost effective way of achieving our customers’ goals by being ahead of events, avoiding delays and minimizing incidentals or unexpected inconveniences.


Project Design


ZPM Project Management starts every project with a blank page. Once all the requirements, materials lists, site locations and schedule have been set, we chose the best point of entry or route for the Project. Based on our 30 years’ experience in ports and logistics, we chose the best port/road for the components to be sent/received, route to site, and potential storage areas. Once this is done, either by ourselves or jointly with our customer, we select the best sub-contractors for each step as required. We carry out the Road Survey and interact with local, regional or national authorities in advance, in order to make sure that obstacles are cleared and paperwork is ready by the time the Project is to be executed.




Once the Project has been designed, budgeted and approved by our customer, we proceed to sign contracts with all the sub-contractors and engage equipment and areas as might be required. We do so, once again, always considering the local regulations, good logistic practices and the legal main frame.




During this phase, our personnel are physically present along all the stages, guaranteeing that the contractual terms and requirements are strictly followed. We keep a 24/7/365 on line tracking of all components that are under our scope, allowing for accurate planning ahead and introducing changes with due lead-time if this were to be required.