Pluscargo has offices in the most important cities in the region, all working under the same corporate philosophy and offering permanent transport and logistics services.


The close relationship between Pluscargo and other Business Units within GRUPO RAS guarantees direct management and control of international logistics operations, as well as versatility of services. The coordination of warehousing, customs and transport operations guarantees the value of our services that better respond to client’s commercial needs.

It is in international and regional distribution operations where Pluscargo demonstrates its great potential and flexibility to adapt to clients´ specific needs and high operational requirements.
The International Trans-shipment Department includes a professional and qualified team dedicated, on an exclusive basis, to this activity and prepared to solve the most complex operations.

Multimodal transport

The strength of Pluscargo is combining its direct control of different ways of transportation with the management of different interfaces between each stage of multi-modal transportation. Pluscargo offers excellent frequencies and transit-times for sea and air freights both inbound and outbound.

Quality System

Pluscargo has developed a Quality System with computerized support to provide clients with permanent follow up, control and security.

Coordination, Design, Production and Sales Planning

Pluscargo is responsible for the competitive analysis of international supply chain´s components. It specializes in the coordination of air and sea carriers and traffic operators, which facilitates the production design and sales planning phase for import and export companies.

The best network of agents

Pluscargo is well known for its excellent international freight rates. This is due to the fact that it directly represents the most important carriers worldwide.