Quality policies

 ISO 9001:2015

For many years, our organization is committed to Quality Management, always investing, promoting and developing the philosophy of continuous improvement with the aim that our management is responsive, transparent, effective and competitive. For this reason, all GRUPORAS companies are certified in their main areas of development and production, according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


The central commitment of the management of GRUPORAS is based on continuous improvement as an essential requirement, seeking to optimize customer satisfaction by meeting the highest quality standards. For maintenance and assurance of this policy, we have a specific area for such purposes, with the purpose of controlling the basic standards that our customers require each process to adapt to the needs of this. This policy has helped put GRUPO RAS as a leading logistics organization in regional and global services, according to the most demanding requirements of multinational companies have requested our organization to delegate the various types of operations in foreign trade.


“The Way of Total Quality is a path strewn with endless mutual satisfaction, those of our customers, our colleagues and our own.” Our definition of quality is as comprehensive as clearly delineated: Customers are those who are affected by the quality management product includes both goods and services, process comprises both business processes that support them. The quality is no longer an additional attribute of our services to become its essence. No longer serve, pay the highest customer satisfaction with the highest quality.