Basic Operator Load Course 2016

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GRUPO RAS Logistics & Business School

Basic Operator Load Course

The 2016 Basic Operator Load Course came to an end.

It is a course where GROUP RAS aimed at people who aspire to develop skills and incorporate knowledge to join the Logistics Industry.

This activity takes place within the framework of the activities of the School of Logistics and Foreign Trade of GRUPO RAS, with the cooperation of Company personnel.

It is aimed at people who have Secondary Education completed, for all genders and seeks to train primarily for performance in Logistics Centers Storage and Distribution of Goods.

practical training with theoretical foundations, on the administration of the logistics supply chain, operations in deposits, management of loading and unloading from transport units and various storage system and criteria is offered. formative elements linked to the discipline of work, interpersonal relations and the factors that favor organizational improvement from positive attitudes in the workplace are also provided.

The course has the contribution in coordination with the experienced teacher Lic. Carlos Casini, administrative support Alejandra Rivas and support of the Social Assistant Mariela Lopez Public Employment Center.

In the face of teacher training and participate in relevant way Mr. Carlos Silva, Manager of GRUPO RAS deposits, Lic. Marcelo Gimenez Pluscargo Operations Manager and Security Manager and Maintenance Gabriel Peloche.