Customs Clearance

The skill and the flexibility of RAS Logistica’s experts along with a work design fitted to client’s specific requirements optimize costs and simplify the execution of any kind of operation, turning the organization into an added value generator that increases client’s competitiveness.


With a work methodology focused on providing personalized services, the company assigns each customer an account executive in charge of being the nexus for the coordination of each shipment and handling of documents according to the type of operation.


Besides a deep knowledge of procedures and legal rules related to the various foreign trade operations, our professionals provide clients with a strategic vision of the events of national and international markets events.

Among the wide range of services, there are:

  • Cost study, development and procedures for Customs, Export, Import, Temporary Admission and In-transit operations.
  • Development and advice on investment projects.
  • Outsourcing Projects in areas of Foreign Trade.
  • Temporary Admission Specialists.
  • Representation before any public or private organization.
  • Insurance hiring.
  • On line access and checking of your customs transaction status.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Gestión para cobro de reintegros a la exportación.
  • Auditorías y Consultorías.
  • Asesoramiento integral en Comercio Exterior y Logística desde lo jurídico, tecnológico, operativo y comercial.
  • Opening and administrating letters of credit and other international payment means.
  • Issuance and procedures of certificates of origin.
  • Export refund collection management.
  • Auditing and Consulting.
  • Comprehensive advice on international trade and logistics from a legal, technological, operative and commercial point of view.