Polo Logístico Portuario

Free Port Warehousing


GRUPO RAS has selected Montevideo´s Port to set up the largest facility in the whole region:

By centralizing to a single inventory for the entire region in Montevideo´s Free Port customers run with the added advantage of reduced the distances to their consumer markets, making “just in time” deliveries, taking advantage of lower transportation and distribution costs, making small volume deliveries and accessing a higher number of customers, while always keeping property over their goods.


  • 40.000 sqm OF BONDED WAREHOUSE
  • Cold chamber


The most intelligent and efficient gateway to access and service a market of 300 million consumers.

The Free Port Law provides competitive advantages that allows operations such as:


Consolidation, devanning and cargo storage

Thousands of containers move in and out of our warehouses from the most diverse locations worldwide. POLO LOGÍSTICO PORTUARIO offers the best rates for your goods storage, with total insurance cover.


Value added operations

GRUPO RAS provides the possibility of fractioning goods to the unit, grouping them, packaging and relabeling them in order to simplify and minimise costs.


Special taxation treatment

Foreign companies that store their inventories in POLO LOGÍSTICO PORTUARIO are exempted from Income and Net Assets Tax payments, and V.A.T. does not apply.


Security system

We offer an IT system of stock control, electronic labelling, security system prevention and surveillance, according to international standards.